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Re: Frozen system

--- Bob Walicki <rwalicki@uchicago.edu> wrote:
> This is probably a stupid question but I don't want to mess anything
> up.  Our computer running Debian has frozen at the login screen.  No
> keystrokes work, the mouse does nothing etc.  Further you can't login
> from
> other computers.  Is there a 'best' way to restart the thing? 
> Anything
> better than simply hitting the 'restart' button on the box itself?  I
> would rather not do that if I risk screwin anything up as the system
> seems
> to have simply crashed. 
> Please reply to the address above.
> Thanks
> Bob
> -- 

Unless you have support for the magic SysReq key built into your
kernel, I'd say you have no other option than to cold boot.

If you do have magic Alt-SysReq enabled, then:

<Alt+SysReq>-s (sync disks), 
<Alt+SysReq>-u (unmount disks), 
<Alt+SysReq>-b (reboot, issued 20 second 


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