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Re: hdd change

On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 12:55:32PM -0400, Arthur H. Johnson II wrote:
> Sure, this would be quite easy to do.
> 1. Install the new HDD on a secondary IDE chain, say primary slave, hdb
> 2. Partition the drive the way you want
> 3. Mount the drive up the way it will appear for boot, on say /new
> 4. Run the following command:
> # tar cvpf - / --exclude=new --exclude=proc | tar xvpf - --directory=/new
> 5. Create the proc mount point under /new:  mkdir /new/proc
> That will do an excellent job of duplicating your drive.  Make sure you
> do your bootloader as well, depending on what you use.  You can do other
> excludes on the tar command.  Note the lack of a "/" at the beginning,
> that is on purpose.

That would work fine. However, I have done this kind of thing a fair few
times now, and getting the new hard disc to boot when you've done this
kind of thing and then removed the first hard disc is a bit a pain at
times. You are supposed to be able to run lilo in a chroot jail but I
can't reliably get it to work.

Therefore make sure that you have a working boot floppy and use that
(specify root=/dev/hdxx as necessary) and then when you've system has
booted off the new hard disc, set up lilo.conf and then run lilo.

Of course this assumes that you are using lilo. I would imagine the same
advice applies if you are running GRUB instead.


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