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Re: Lexmark Printing

Thanx alot for the post

The reason why the HP is BW could be one of 2
1. There is a lot of printers based on the 4076, including the ExecJet
IIc which i have
2. It could be that that specific driver only supports B&W. My printer
does have a cartridge changer for B&W and color.

Everything worked fine, but when I try to connect to my local host I
don't get anything. I checked in /etc/services and the port is open.I
also checked in the inetd conf's and the port was also open there.

Should lpd still be running? If found the following line in the
beginning which I think might cause it to exit since I don't get any
messages after running /etc/init.d/lpd (with _start_ or nothing).
	test -x $DAEMON -a -f /usr/sbin/pac ||exit

Any advise?

Thanx in advance

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 02:27, Jameson C. Burt wrote:
> You might try CUPS 
> (which I believe RedHat now uses as the default print server,
> replacing the lpr package).
> You can find CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) in woody.
> I installed    
>   *cupsys
>    cupsys-bsd
>    cupsys-client
>    cupsys-driver-gimpprint
>    cupsys-pstoraster
>    kdelibs3-cups
>   *foomatic-bin
>   *foomatic-db
>   *cupsomatic-ppd
> The last package includes 918  *.ppd  files, including
>    /usr/share/cups/model/IBM/Execjet_4072-bj200.ppd
> While this isn't your 4076, perhaps its close enough.
> You configure CUPS via a local webpage,
>    http://localhost:631
> Installation of cups removed my print server package lprng,
> but then I only expect one printserver to dominate printing on one
> computer.
> I see your 4076 mentioned in the Unix printer compatability database,
>    http://www.linuxprinting.org/printer_list.cgi
> There, select Lexmark, then select 4076.
> This spawns a webpage that says this Lexmark 4076 printer
>    "Works with drivers for the HP DeskJet 500"
> But this also says the Lexmark 4076 is a
>    "BW Inkjet 300x300"
> while you say it is a Colorprinter (hmmm).
> I also see your printer mentioned on Lexmark's site,
>    http://drivers.lexmark.com/drivers.nsf/SelectPrinter?OpenForm&0
> and their website you probably visited,
>    http://drivers.lexmark.com/drivers.nsf/SelectPrinter?OpenForm&4076
> If you download one of their drivers (eg, one for Windows 95, 76WN313E.EXE),
> then run that *.exe file on the appropriate computer, you likely get a
> *.ppd file that you can use in CUPS. 
> But this is a too involved a solution, 
> though I have seen Linux documentation mention this very solution:
> to run a *.exe file then get the needed *.ppd file.
> Of course, as said above, the cupsomatic-ppd supplied 4072 *.ppd might work well under CUPS.
> On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 12:41:41PM +0200, Tinus Kotzé wrote:
> > Can anyone help me with the Lexmark ExecJet IIc 4076 Colorprinter. I
> > have searched the net and could not find a solution for my problem
> > getting this printer to work. At lexmark's page everything goes well
> > until I have to state a operating system where the choices are only
> > Redhat, SuSe... but not Debian and no source to compile the drivers with
> > for Debian. I have found that it supposedly works in B&W ok with the HP
> > DeskJet 500.
> > 
> > Thankyou in advance
> > Tinuns
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
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