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Re: Debian: abandon ship?

Glen Lee Edwards wrote:
>Ivo Wever wrote:
>>If the other dists are so terrible that they can't even support the
>>internet connection of a small group of people for three hours a day,
>>then why is anyone using them and using them in a commercial
>>environment at that?
> Ivo, there is no such thing as "One size fits all."
> [..]
> I was forced to leave Red Hat because of the two low RAM servers.
> And Red Hat's upgrades are too unreliable,
> [..]
> There are many computer professionals and companies who swear by Red
> Hat.
> [..]
> So just because some Linux distributions are
> highly touted and used by very competent people doesn't mean that
> those distributions will work for everyone.

I'm sorry, but I still don't get it. I don't see reasons for using Red Hat other than: "I'm used to it and others use it too".

As far as I can gather, the distinguishing characteristics of distros
are the package system, the security update system, the support system,
the installation procedure and the system configuration system.

I think everyone agrees that Debians package and security update systems
are better. Red Hats installation procedure is userfriendlier, but that
doesn't explain why professionals use it. I question the claim that Red
Hat provides better support (average helpdesk personel couldn't have
helped me like (the archives of) this list have). I can't
judge the system configuration system though. Consequently, I can't
think of any reason for using Red Hat other than not knowing
Debian (or fellow employees not knowing Debian). Or have I been
brainwashed by Debian propaganda already?

Ivo Wever

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