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Re: ipchains, iptables, and 2.4.18

Andrew Perrin wrote:
I'd like to upgrade my home machine's kernel to 2.4.18, but I'm not too
excited about moving from ipchains to iptables. (This machine acts as a
router from the home network [on eth0] and our DSL service [eth1].)  So, a
few questions:

- How easy or hard is it to migrate an ipchains ruleset to iptables?
- Is it possible/adviseable to use ipchains under 2.4.18?
- What documentation should I read?

Personally, I just use ipchains in the 2.4 box that I admin. There's nothing in iptables that I need to switch over for, plus I have a number of existing scripts using ipchains already.

On my home router, I'm still using a 2.2 kernel. I tried 2.4 at one point, but found the ipmasq modules lacking (unless I missed something, which is likely). Overall, it shouldn't hurt to stick with ipchains unless there is something in iptables you need that ipchains doesn't do. A lot easier than migrating your existing scripts/rules, too.

Chris Gushue <chris@blackplasma.net>

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