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Re: https and ssl in Konqueror Browser

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 11:44:51PM +1200, arthur_dent wrote:

> So can anyone tell me where can I find $KDEDIRS/share/apps/kjava/

I am not sure (I don't use kde) but check /usr or usr/kde or
/opt/kde. It has to be somewhere :).

With $KDEDIRS they mean an environment variable that points to the
location where all kde files are. This can be different from distro
to distro. But since you use Debian it should be somewhere in the
directories I mentioned.

> I found /root/.kde/apps/ but no kjava so just to try it on I created a kjava 
> directory and tried to copy the files to it but no go..it just doesn't want 
> to know.  Does anyone know if this is just because this is an export version 
> of Konqueror and doesn't have the relevent folder or what.

You can also put those files in your home directory. Your home directory
should not be /root but something like /home/yourname. If you want
to go this way (no other users on your system will benefit from it,
only your normal user account), check:


I am not sure how you got those kde-files in /root. Perhaps you logged in
to the system the very first time as root and then started kde. But
it is very important that you create a normal user on your system
and always log in to the system with that user. Only become root for
administration and do that by using su for example.

Good luck,

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