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Re: Kernel panic... :-(

Thank's for the information Mathias!

On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 23:05, Mathias Gygax wrote:
> apt-get -f install alsa-modules-2.4.18-686 alsaconf
> and alsaconf it.
Works very well...:-)

> > CD-burner: HP cd-writer 9500
> "hdX=ide-scsi" into append line of lilo.conf
> cdrecord -scanbus should print the scsi-generic ID of your device.
Yes, and modprobe ide-scsi.
I also wonder which init file I can put the line: 
/sbin/modprobe ide-scsi
would /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh be the right place?

> here is my /etc/modutils/bttv
> update-modules and "modprobe bttv". be sure to adjust above driver
> options to your fit. above setup ist for my hauppauge wintv pci with a
> BT878 chipset.
I got the same chipset and everything works jolly nice.

Helgi Örn


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