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Re: X11 Config Error on Moving from Potato to Woody

> In your XF86Config, is the subsection listed inside a section? On my
> system it is listed inside Section "Module".
> -- 
> Seneca
> seneca-cunningham@rogers.com

Thanks for your note above.

In my XF86Config I don't have a Module section, as suggested above. In fact,
the line indicated by the error message is just one of many that cause syntax
errors when parsed. Since this XF86Config file is the output of the
xf86config utility, I thought that I might have some problem with being out
of sync someplace in my tool set. That is what I am trying to understand. I
actually hand edited an XF86Config file that works. I'm trying to understand
why the xf86config utility failed to produce a valid file.

Thanks for your help.


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