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Re: Problem: wall-clock jumping like Mexican bean

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 10:24:28AM -0700, Kevin Buhr wrote:
> Damien <iam@home.net> writes:
> > 
> > The problem must have occurred often enuff to other people, IMHO, but I
> > can't find the solution online. My 'wall-clock' (as xscreensaver calls it
> > in the error messages) keeps jumping ahead -- then back, semi-randomly. It
> > seems to do so by always the same amount(?): @ 1 hr 11 minutes.
> I assume you aren't running an NTP daemon and that there are no
> messages in the logs about the time being stepped forward or back.
> Does "@" mean "approximately"?  Is it closer to one hour, eight
> minutes, and 16 seconds?  That would be 4096 seconds, and a most
> suspicious number of seconds to be jumping.
> Does it jump back and forth between two values, or does it jump
> several times in the same direction (so it quickly becomes many hours
> off)?
> If it's jumping continually back and forth by 4096 seconds, I'd guess
> you have a bad SIMM.  One bit (which just happens to be where your
> kernel is storing the time-of-day clock) isn't being reliably set, and
> you see jumps forward and backward every 20 or 30 times (seconds) the
> kernel bumps the seconds counter.
> If this is the case, you might try swapping SIMMs around.  However,
> I'd suggest labelling their original positions very carefully.  If the
> problem does "disappear", you want to be able to get back to where you
> can reliably reproduce it and eliminate the offending SIMM.

I think it's possibly a dodgy RTC on the motherboard.  I saw
this exact complaint come up on linux-kernel a while ago, and
someone mentioned that it was specific to a certain brand
of mobo.

No URLs for you, I'm afraid, but if you google a bit, I'm sure
it'll appear.

As I recall, there was no solution or workaround - the
board simply reports the wrong time every so often.  It's
a bug.


It may stop, it may not.  And stop calling me "dj".

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