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Re: HDD vs. RAID (was Re: Lilo Q)

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 09:46:45AM -0400, Ian D. Stewart wrote:
> So then, the primary advantages of RAID are access speed and data 
> redundancy

The primary advantages of RAID are highly dependent on what flavor of
RAID you're using.  RAID0 and RAID1, e.g., are practically the opposite
of each other in terms of speed, capacity, and reliability.  Reference my
earlier post in this thread for further details.

> and the primary advantage of a stand-alone HDD is 
> reliability?

A single drive is less likely to have a hardware failure (since
there's less hardware to fail), but, if it does fail, you lose access
to the data.  RAIDs tend to have more frequent hardware failures,
but, unless it's a RAID0, your data will remain available despite the

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