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fast way to make bootable cd ?


i don't know why but my laptop just puked hard when i tried to
shut it down. it won't boot up anymore, so i was wondering if
anyone had a suggestion on how to best create a bootable rescue

what i need on the cd:

my custom kernel (With reiserfs support builtin)  this is a 2.2.19 kernel
reiserfs tools

I've been trying to work with the package mkinitrd-cd for the past
hour or so, and managed to create a bootable cdrom, with the right
kernel, but I guess there is no root filesystem available. the readme
doesn't mention a root filesystem so i guess it assumes i have one
on the disk? I do have one on the disk but apparently it is curropted.

it's a thinkpad T21. if anyone has this laptop, is it possible
to remove the disk? i can't find any way to remove the disk, i could
get an ide adapter and plug it into a desktop system, but gotta
remove the disk to do it.

i suppose i could just reinstall as a last resort, i wish i knew
why this happened, the system has been running fine, and didn't
puke until it was almost near runlevel 0, got a few errors like
'cannot execute binary file' and a reiserfs panic. was running
fine until i initiated the shutdown

thanks for any ideas

(going to sleep)

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