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Re: iomega parallel port zip drive

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 09:13:53PM -0700, robert jorgenson wrote:
> Ok i had this working fine under my 2.2 distrobution kernel(debian)
> with modprobe ppa. i Decided to compile a 2.4 kernel and i an trying
> to get it to work correctly. Right now i have scsi support enabled,
> scsi disk support enabled, the ppa module compiled in as a module,
> and parallel printing enabled as a module(as per the zip drive
> mini-hwoto). When i try to mount /dev/sda4 it says that /dev/sda4 is
> not a valid block device. I have kernel compiled about 6 times
> tonight and i would really like next time to be last time, at least
> for tonight :) andone know what might be wrong?

I had no trouble at all when I switched to 2.4 with a parallel port
zip drive. However, I'm using the imm module instead of the ppa. Are
you sure your drive is too old for imm?

-- Mark

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