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Re: SMP working

"Robert Webb" <rwebb@ropeguru.com> writes:
> I just loaded up Woody on a new machine that has two 500MHZ  Pentium
> III processors. I am trying to determine if the build I loaded is
> recognizing both processors. My problem is I have no clue as to where
> to check for this . I looked in the /proc directory and did a cat of
> cpu but it only showed one processor at 500MHZ.
> Am I looking in the wrong place???

You can use the "cpuid" module (modprobe cpuid) and x86info to tell
you this. Of course x86info simply reads /proc/cpuinfo so you could
just cat that. I don't have a /proc/cpu on my system.

You can also look at the output during boot and check there. Like:

        % dmesg | grep CPU
        ..... CPU clock speed is 1694.7612 MHz.
        checking TSC synchronization across CPUs: passed.

I have a two-CPU system.


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