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Re: Debian: abandon ship?


On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

> Debian is run by a few hundred programmers who do this for fun.
> Not profit.  Because we do this for fun we choose where to spend our
> time.  For some people the mips architecture and the required
> hacking is fun.  Others are constrained by the hardware available to
> them (some of our developers had m68k only access).

This one point, why Debian is different to other distris, it is not
as i386-centered. In giving up its multiplatform support, it would loose
one of its most attractive and fascinating aspects.

> Cutting back to ia32 (x86) would help, but the cost is not worth it.
> Besides, Debian is one of the few dists out there supporting
> anything other than Sun and ia32.

Without m68k I would possibly never have discovered Debian.

> Removing those arches would leave out many of our users and
> potential users.

This is true for me, my "productive system" is not intel-compatible.

> Maybe this means we lose some users to Red Hat (or SuSE or whoever)
> and their 6 month cd releases.  Everyone has to use what works for
> them.

At the last meeting of the Linux Workshop Cologne, we had more Debian
than other users, although some people from this list claim Debian to be
delayed. Seemingly there are more important things than just being
up-to-date with the latest software packages.




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