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RE: Debian: abandon ship?

| Are you really named "Brooks Robinson" or is that a nom du net?

Yes this is my true and given name.  Long story short: my brother was a fan,
my mom agreed to something she never thought would happen

| > My conclusion is that Woody is effectively released already.
| So, Woody changed to a 2.4 kernel?  At last report it was still using
| 2.2x.

Yes, the official kernel of Woody for the i386 environment is 2.2.x (IIRC
other environments will default to a 2.4.x kernel).  I don't recall the
particulars of the decision to make i386 Woody a default 2.2 (probably to
deal with low end hardware), but someone had a reason (although I've seen it
argued).  However, 2.4.x is supported fully under Woody and works fine for
i386.  It's easy enough to compile your own or use a predefined one, but
they are definitely available on woody.



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