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Re: Debian: abandon ship?

>>"John" == John Schmidt <jas@netbrick.com> writes:

 John> I certainly appreciate the multiple architecture support of Debian.  I 
 John> have it installed on a powerpc, m68k, and x86 box.  I initially 
 John> installed it on my m68k box, since Debian was the only distribution 
 John> that supported it.  I made the switch to my other boxes because I liked 
 John> the consistency of one distribution and hated the dependency mess of 
 John> rpm.  I have advocated Debian to others in my work place and will 
 John> continue to do so.  

	Thank you. It is messages like this that make me continue to
 put in the time and effort for Debian.

ps: the reson I moniotr this high volume list, while most of the
developers no longer bother, is to help with question about my
packages. It is hard to maintain motivation, most of the time, were it
not for posts like this one.
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