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RE: Debian: abandon ship?

| With hindsight, it's clear that trying to
| support too many architectures was a mistake.
| Of course, everybody makes mistakes. It is truly
| said that he who never made a mistake, never
| made anything.

Is it a mistake to try and reach every <insert target here> everywhere?  If
so, then the Christian Church and the Girl Scouts are making mistakes as

| If the people in effective control of Debian's
| direction no longer have this ability, then
| perhaps Debian is no longer useful to most
| of us.

So let's just scrap the Debian project as a whole and go back to being
drones for Microsoft.

| To save the Debian Attack Team the effort
| of a search, I'll admit immediately that
| (like most Debian users) I've contributed
| nothing to Debian except good intentions
| and trivial amounts of money. Debian does
| not need me. And I need a stable release
| with the 2.4 kernel.

I posted this rant on -devel a while ago (and had rebuttal), but I'll post
it here as well.  It's been modified slightly, but the point still remains.

<soap box>

I think a point needs to be made.  The first article in the Debian Weekly
News for May 15th has Woody in Freeze.  From what I have gathered from
lurking on the -devel list is that it's security infrastructure that's
holding it up.  Let's think logically for just a moment.

1.  Woody is frozen.
2.  It is unlikely that any new packages are going in, assumption based upon
point 1.
3.  Security is not in place to handle Woody.
4.  A security issue would more than likely be a release critical bug.
5.  Security bugs are, in my experience, very quickly remedied.
6.  Contrary to point 2, a security/release critical bug fixed package would
make it's way into Woody quickly.
7.  We can ignore point 2 from a security standpoint by making use of point

My conclusion is that Woody is effectively released already.  A large number
of people have been running on Woody for quite some time.  It's as stable as
it's going to get.  Just do an apt-get dist upgrade and get it over with

</soap box>



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