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Re: List as a newsgroup

>> I've just discovered I can get this list as a newsgroup. I tried this
>> about a year ago when I first started using Debian, but it didn't
>> work, so since then I've been getting it as a mailing list. 
>> Has it always been like this, or is this a recent thing.
> It's been around for a few years, although it's never been by any means
> guaranteed to be picked up by all ISPs.
> Note that posting to the newsgroup won't reflect your articles back to
> the mailing list, until something has changed recently.

If you've got a decent newsreader (e.g. slrn) you can probably
configure it so that when you followup to an article in
muc.lists.debian.user it gets e-mailed to the right place
rather than being sent to the NNTP server.

I find it far more convenient to read this list via news rather
than subscribing to the list.

> The mailing list is the only "official" means of article distribution. A
> third party runs the gateway to news.

So far, it appears that the mail->news gateways is well run: I
checked for a while, and I never noticed any lost messages. The
developer list also has a mirror, but it seems a bit less

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