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Re: Monitoring CPU usage of a process

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 12:34:21PM +1000, Chris Kenrick wrote:
> You've probably already thought of this, but would a simple shell script
> do the trick...
> eg 
> while [ true ] 
> do 

Just so you know, that syntax ('[ true ]') actually tests the length of
the string 'true'. While it does always return a true value, this is

  while :

> 	ps aux | grep [s]omeprocess >> somelogfile
> 	sleep 60;
> done
> Note that the using the square brackets around the first letter of the
> process name is just a neat trick to stop the grep process itself from
> being picked up in the output.

You probably want to quote the argument to grep in case the shell finds
a suitable file in the current directory and decides to expand the
square brackets.

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