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AW: low memory installation 4mb 386sx


I guess you need at least more than 8MB for Debian >2.0.
Maybe you could try 2.0.
Also as far as I know is an odd version (ie 2.1) unstable.

I did it 2 years ago with lowmem.bin (Minix) to install Debian 2.0.
per floppydisk installation method (486/25/4/90).
I had to trick a lot - finally I had success with:
* make 4 partitions:
- native linux (66MB)
- linux swap (8MB)
- 2nd native linux for Minix (8MB)
- 2nd linux swap partition (8MB)
* start lowmem (Minix) and specify 2ndSwap as swap
* install debian 2.0 (defining first native linux and first native swap)
* repartition last small partitions to a (useful) DOS drive

Hope this helps

> Von:	Rick Dawson [SMTP:rkdawson@mstar2.net]
> 386SX-25
> 4mb ram
> I have Debian 2.1 (2_1_11.1-1) on cd.  I read the low memory installation
> instructions and I tried using lowmem.bin as the initial installation
> floppy

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