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Re: DMZ virus scanning HTTP proxy = squid?

On Sun, Jun 02, 2002 at 08:50:03PM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:


> i am looking for ways to install a virus scanning HTTP proxy in a DMZ
> network. i'd like to use squid in addition to ScannerDaemon by
> openantivirus.org, but ideally, the choice of anti-virus server
> shouldn't matter. essentially i am looking for an "amavis" for
> squid...
AFAIK their is no real "amavis for squid". For a commercial enviroment I
suggest using Trend Micros Virus Wall for Linux (or other preferred Unix ;)
as the scanning proxy and Squid for the caching.

If you have no choice or you would realy like to use free software you 
may want to take a look at the viralator http://viralator.loddington.com/
The only problem is that they only support commercial scanners ATM but
hacking it for a free scanner shouldn't be that hard.

Another thing is the dazuko kernel modul from H+BEDV
(http://www.dazuko.org/ || http://www.antivir.de/ || http://www.hbedv.com/)
this module enables you to scan all files that are opened by the kernel.
The only thing that is missing here is the interface for a free virus scanner.

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