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problems with mppe and ppp in sid


I want to set up a PPTP tunnel to my company and want to use mppe as 
encryption. So, I got the mppe kernel patch and installed a patched 2.4.18 
kernel on my sid machine. I have a ppp_mppe module now and can load it into 
the kernel. However, the ppp package 2.4.1.uus-4 seems not to support mppe. 
How do I make it recognize the module?
When I give ppp the option 'mppe-40' (yes, we just have low encryption, 
because of U$A... :( ) and 'mppe-stateless' I get the error message 
'Unknown option' from pppd.
I have read there has been a ppp package for 2.4.0 with mppe patch 
around... what about the newer ppp version?

Thanx for your help


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