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Re: Question about mail alias for root

> eximconfig, when asking where to route mail for root and postmaster,
> prints the following warning:
>     Note that postmaster-mail should usually be read on the system it is
>     directed to, rather than being forwarded elsewhere, so (at least one
>     of) the users you choose should not redirect their mail off this
>     machine.
> Why is this considered a good idea?  For convenience, I'd like to
> configure exim on my home firewall to route root's mail to my user
> account on my normal desktop machine (behind the firewall).

I also route mail from machines to a normal account.  AFAIK the
warning refers to making sure that some human is really always going
to get the mail messages to postmaster even if things are pretty
messed up.  If you are forwarding, especially if you are forwarding
through insecure networks, then that might not happen.  I believe it
is okay and desirable to forward to a normal account to read the
messages as long as you make sure things are working.  YMMV


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