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Re: Netscape 4.77 and PDF files

Hi Patrick!

On Sun, 02 Jun 2002, Patrick Wiseman wrote:

> Hi:
> I searched the archives but found no mention of this.  It used to be (in
> the 'potato' distribution) that Netscape displayed PDF files inside the
> browser window, as if they were just another web page.  Since I upgraded
> to the 'unstable' distribution, Netscape forgot how to handle PDF files at
> all, so I set it up to use acroread, but now the pages come up in a
> separate acroread window.  Can anyone tell me how to restore the earlier
> behavior?

Set up the Portable Document Format in Netscape like this:
Description: Portable Document Format
MIMEType: application/pdf
Suffixes: pdf

select Plugin  --> nppdf.so

These are the plugins:

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