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RE: Nav Keys in Man (was RE: Man page output)

Thanks!  I think I remember less being added on in a previous apt-get
install session on the first machine.

I find it funny that the way to not list manpages with 'more' is to
install 'less'.  Or maybe I haven't had enough caffeine today...


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> Subject: Re: Nav Keys in Man (was RE: Man page output)
> >>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Turner <Jeremy.Turner@oc.edu> writes:
> Jeremy> Another question related to manpages: On other Linux 
> boxes I've
> Jeremy> built (Mandrake, Redhat), whenever I view a manpage I can use
> Jeremy> the arrow keys to navigate.  On the first Debian box 
> I built, I
> Jeremy> just got a 'more' navigation (spacebar or enter key). 
>  Somewhere
> Jeremy> along the line, I installed something which allowed me to
> Jeremy> actually navigate in the manpage with arrow keys (probably a
> Jeremy> dependency on something else I installed).  Any idea which
> Jeremy> package will return this feature?
> "apt-get install less" should do it.
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