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Re: problems with cyrus (sid) on woody

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Víktu Pons i Colomer wrote:

> Carel Fellinger <carel.fellinger@iae.nl> wrote in message news:<[🔎] 20020518110421.GB2555@animus.felnet>...
> >>>> ...imapd[2731]: cannot connect to saslauthd server
> >>
> >>
> I solved this taking source of libsasl2 and compiling with pam and
> saslauthd options. Then copied the result library and saslauthd
> binaries over the ones in the debian distribution and now have cyrus
> authenticating against mysql in this way:
> cyrus -> saslauthd -> pam -> pam_mysql -> mysql
> But I have problems with sendmail... He is unable to deliver mail to
> the mailboxes, and when I send mail to a user which is into the
> database, not the system /etc/passwd it complains with an user unknown
> :(
> Any hints on how configuring sendmail?

Local delivery means to deliver to users actually defined on the local
box (via getpwent - can be /etc/passwd,nis[+],ldap, etc.)

If you're using cyrus, you should tell sendmail to use either

Rick Nelson
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