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Re: Loadlin alternatives

Ivo Wever wrote:
> you wrote:
> >I.J.W.Wever@Student.TNW.TUDelft.NL wrote:
> > >
> > > I don't understand what you are talking about. I run Woody
> > > and boot from Win98, using loadlin.
> >[snip]
> >but Loadlin can't understand it.
> >This problem is documented in the bug reports.  See
> >bugs.debian.org/loadlin to see the description.  But essentially, it
> >says that the compressed BZ file is bad, system halted.
> >
> >Anyhow, I'm still interested in seeing what alternatives I have.
> I build my kernels 'the Debian way' [1] and loadlin runs any kernel image
> I have build that way. Perhaps that's the alternative you are looking for? Or
> do I lack the knowledge of different options in kernel baking to understand
> your problem?
> 1)
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-post-install.en.html#s-kernel-baking

*SIGH*  That's exactly what I'm doing, "the debian way", except that I
also run one additional step, "make BzImage" if I want a BzImage.  No
matter whether I use the kernel BzImage or VmLinuz, I get the error
mentioned at bugs.debian.org/loadlin 

The image does not work with Loadlin, it's compression is wrong.

So... back to the original question:  What other alternatives are out
there, that I can use instead of Loadlin, and what are their


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