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Re: woody is killing me

Are you using the BF2.4 net install disks?  I had the same problem until I realized that the apt sources list on the install set you to stable, not woody.  So your get base of woody, and then the initial install packages pull from stable and it causes all kinds of problems.  


Tom Allison <tallison1@twmi.rr.com> wrote ..
> OK, I'll fess up.  I am dying over here with woody's recent release 
> status and the facts that:
> I have seen zero package updates in the past month.
> and
> I have a pile of stuff that is running into dependency problems and 
> it's been a month or better on all of them.  Major level of 
> frustration here.
> apache & apache-common are in disagreement about versioning and 
> therefore I have no web server.
> ucspi-tcp is in disarray over libc6 libraries, yet there is nothing 
> else available from Debian.
> Interestingly enough I haven't heard about any of these problems from 
> anyone else out there....
> So, in hopes of getting something useful out of what would otherwise 
> be a <rant>, how would / should I go about getting some of this 
> resolved for real?  I don't know that it is as simple as doing another
> apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade as I've already tried that one.
> What next?
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