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Re: simple traffic monitor/firewalls

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 08:39:49PM +1200, Arthur Dent wrote:

> Under windows I had a little network picture which would show up in my 
> system tray on the taskbar whenever I was on the internet. It showed 2 
> computers linked and whenever there was traffic either to of from my pc the 
> small monitor screen icons would turn blue, indicating activity.
> Now I have no firewall under linux I would like to have some way of at 
> least monitoring traffic throughput as I surf the net. Does anyone know if 
> there is any small utility that can do this under woody.

If you use AfterStep (or some other wm that has wharf) you can get wmnet
and have it dock in wharf.  This shows incoming and outgoing usage, and
a usage graph.

> Also can anyone advise me of a good book on installing debian woody and 
> getting it set up as secure as possible for a beginner. I dont care if at 


> i.e. Where are the alarmd logs kept? I've searched but cant find them. 

What is alarmd?  I've never heard of it before, and I didn't find it in
an apt-cache search.

> Under Win2K I know where to look for log info etc and if I dont I know 
> where to find out what I need to be looking for...as long as Bill wants me 
> to know...

/var/log under Linux.

> Does linux have like index.dat files??

What is that?


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