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IMP3,horde2, Postgresql from sid

Hi all,
Has anyone tried to install IMP3, horde2 and postgresql?
I'm having trouble getting horde2 to setup the postgresql database.
I keep getting this error message when I run:
dpkg-reconfigure horde2

"you have to allow network requests to the postgres server"
(or something close to that)

So, I've tried to edit pg_hba.conf and to allow "trust" to all
hosts. Restarted postgresql, but still same error.
When I re-configure horde2, I'm using the DNS name to say where the 
is,... but if I say the database is "localhost", then horde configures fine.....
but then IMP3 fails.
If I configure horde2 without a database, IMP3 works well but without
the features a database would give. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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