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Re: Netiquette: crossposting, followup-to (was Re: 1:1 mirror for an entire hd)

also sprach Cheryl Homiak <chomiak@chartermi.net> [2002.05.26.0043 +0200]:
> I don't use mutt, so I don't know about follow-up-to (though am
> considering mutt). However, I do know that i have to be careful when
> replying to messages from this list. the default behavior when
> I reply to this list, but not to most of my lists, is for the
> message usually to be sent to the person rather than the list. If
> I say "yes' to "reply to all recipients" the list ends up being the
> cc. So if you get back a reply just to you instead of the entire
> list, or if you get two copies of a message, one directly to you and
> one to the list, it isn't necessarily because the person
> deliberately put your address in.

with mutt it's nice. if you have $followup_to set, then mutt will
compare the To: address to all lists you told it about with $lists and
$subscribe. a $lists entry is a mailing list which you know of, but
which you haven't subscribed, so Mail-Followup-To will include your
address so you receive replies. a $subscribe'd mailing list (one that
mutt knows about through a $subscribe statement) causes
Mail-Followup-To to only include the list address.

if you also have $honor_followup_to set, then you have three keys in

  r - replies to the author only
  g - replies to the author and the list
  L - replies to the list only iff you know about the list ($lists
    & $subscribe, and the author hasn't included his addy in the MFT

what else do you want? if you also have all your lists procmail'd to
a subfilder (like i read this list in =lists/debian/user), then set

folder-hook .     "bind index g group-reply ; bind pager g group-reply"
folder-hook lists "bind index g list-reply ; bind pager g list-reply"

and forget about L. just hit g, and it'll do everything automatically.

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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