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Mail setup on new Debian desktop


A couple of days ago I asked this group how well Debian can perform as a desktop. Encouraged by the answers, I am currently building a Debian system from mainly the testing and a bit from the unstable dists. Most of it went well.

I am yet undecided how to do mail to and from my system. I know I can install a client which logs in to the various pop-accounts I have and handle things like I am used to in Windows.

I read the Mail-adm.-howto and know a little bit about 'how it should be done' (tm). If I go down this route I think I will need: Exim/qmail/sendmail, fetchmail, procmail. I can then use any mail client I want to read and compose mail and change it any time without conversion. Is this outline correct?

Is it recommended for a single user desktop system to do all this or do most people just use pop and smtp from within Evolution/Kmail/etc? And if they do, what happens with messages from system-users or cron-jobs or whatever else might feel the need to warn/inform (super-) users?

Do I have other alternatives than the two I mentioned or am I missing something that I'd better know of in advance.


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