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Elsa QuickStep 1000 w/kernel 2.4.18

Hello all...

Since I've upgraded my ISDN dialup box from a 2.2 kernel to a 2.4 
kernel, I can't get the card to work without some not-so-pretty tricks.
According to the documentation, the 2.4 kernels do ISA Plug'n'pray on 
their own without the isapnp tools. But if I try to load the hisax 
module, I get some errors depending on what parameters I pass to the 

If I pass only the type parameter (7 for my card), the module tries to 
work with io=0 and irq=0 which understandably fails. However, since I 
don't work with the isapnp tools anymore (init doesn't load them with 
unmodified rc scripts), I can't assign io ports or interrupts to the 
card before I load the module. The BIOS isn't much help either, it 
doesn't even offer a "PNP OS installed" option.

Has anyone got this configuration to work or will I have to use isapnp? 
It works fine this way, but I wouldn't consider it good style with 
recent kernels.

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