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Re: unmounting device after playing movie with xine

Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
On Tuesday 21 May 2002 07:06 pm, Travis Crump wrote:

Whenever I play a (divx) movie off a partition or CD with xine, I am
unable to umount the device when I am done.  The attempt always fails
with a 'device is busy' error message.  'fuser -mv <device>' doesn't
report that anything is using any of the files on the partition, and if
I log out of X and log back in I am then able to umount the device.  My
system is a pretty standard woody install and xine-ui is 0.9.8-4 and
libxine0 is 0.9.8-2.  Not being able to umount CDs is more than
moderately annoying, does anyone have any ideas?

I had a simular experience. Finally, I realized I had an xterm still in the directory of the mounted drive. Solution was to cd back home (cd) :)


Unfortunately, if it was this simple than fuser would report bash as using the directory. :(

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