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Re: Install Debian for desktop

On Sun, 19 May 2002 14:33:21 +0200
Robert Ian Smit <robian@wanadoo.nl> wrote:


>If I install software in /usr/local, as I understand it, I bypass
>Debian package management. If I want to run current software (as in
>Redhat or Mandrake current) will I need to install a lot of software in
	I think I understand what your question is...Let me answer it by
example:	I have a system-wide installation of the Mozilla browser,
version rc-1 (release candidate 1 - ok, I'll get rc-2!)	rc-1 did not
come with the e-mail client, like the previous Mozilla 0.99

	However, in my /usr/local I have Mozilla 0.99 installed. This means I
have two functioning Mozillas, see.

	Everything you install on /usr/local won't break your system.


>I hope I have made clear what I want to do and would like to know about
> experiences from other people. Please tell me if I am wrong in
> choosing Debian for my needs. I want to and have time to learn, but
> would like to have an indication whether my goals are reachable.

	Debian has the same as every GNU/Linux desktop. It may not come with,
say StarOffice 6.0, like some distros, because it's proprietary
software.	The problem with desktop users is that they have to use what
everybody's using in order to communicate, like Word .docs.	This is more a
cultural problem than a real one. GNU/Linux is ready for the desktop, it
has everything you need.	If you really want that sort of compatibility,
you can go on and pay Sun for their (competent) job.

	Overall, however, Debian has more packages than any other distro. That
is a fact: we have 9500 pcks in Woody.	You can do in a Debian system
everything you can o in any other GNU/Linux distro (for some stuff, you
can do more, such as scientific apps and for development).

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