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Re: Not Realtek! (was Re: good choice of network card?)

    "Kirk" == Kirk Strauser <kirk@strauser.com> writes:

    Kirk> At 2002-05-13T22:51:12Z, "Jamin W. Collins"
    Kirk> <jcollins@asgardsrealm.net> writes:

    >> Personally, I'm partial to the Realtek based cards (used
    >> frequently on inexpensive cards).  The cards are fairly generic
    >> and very stable in my experience.  The NetGear cards are also
    >> very Linux friendly, and don't cost an arm and a leg.

    Kirk> I wouldn't wish a Realtek on anyone, particularly if the
    Kirk> host machine is destined to be any kind of a server at all.
    Kirk> From an older copy of the 8139 Linux driver source:

On a server I'd side with you. At home, where it's hard to push my
card much beyond a million or bits a second, I'd go with the Realtek
cards. I have two, both cheap, both work great. The most intensive
thing they do is apt-get dist-upgrade, and that's a whole 144


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