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Re: Video Editing

On Sunday 12 May 2002 19:39, Hereward Cooper wrote:
> ** I'm off list so please CC: me!
> Does anyone know of some video editing software that can chop some
> frames from a DivX avi? The only ones I have seen do camcorder stuff.

Im using "transcode" its a really nice tool it includes "avimerge" and 
"avisplit" it is capable of ripping, encoding, resizing, scaling bitrates, 
There is a tool called "dvdrip" wich is an perl frontend to transcode 
(transcode is not a pure ripper it supports lots of video and sound 
manipulations of avi files).
It has nearly all (and a few more) features as virtualdub (i might be wrong 
about that cause i dont use it too often) it supports resizing and croping to 
fit to a individual amount of cd's depending on sound and video quality and 
has a really good snapshot preview system to verify the rezising results, its 
a bit tricky to use but working rather well for a prog in beta state.  
Try with "apt-get install transcode" its the comandline tool and "apt-get 
install video-dvdrip", if the dvdrip is not on your mirrors mail me i then 
check my apt sources.

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