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Re: dentist

On Sat, May 11, 2002 at 01:10:15AM -0700, ben wrote:
> frank, i've had most of the dental work done. it's quite a change. thanks
> again.
> owen was asking about when you're going to be here, as in what time you
> arrive. if it's early in the day, he said he'll take time off school.
> otherwise, he'll meet us after school.

Is this a new port of debian: now supporting the Denture architecture?
I'm sure there are some gaps that'll need filling but it's really quite
a nice architecture to work with: dual parallel cutting surfaces,
controlled by bracing technology. It's also water proof and has high

It'll be popular too, skinnable (veneers) and hard waring. Good high
bandwidth communication system, though is limited to communicating
between two devices...



Matthew Sackman

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