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basic Problems

Hi ! 
I cannot figure thsi out: 

i want to select a numer of files and cat the content of a file to all
I try this by: 
find  -name "db.[^0-9^root^local^netrt]*" -print | cat tmp/db.netrt.de
find  -name "db.[^0-9^root^local^netrt]*" -print | xargs cat tmp/db.netrt.de

i also tried several other combinations, but i cannot work out why it is
not working... 

Nik Engel                     NETWAYS GmbH
Senior Systems Engineer       Deutschherrnstr. 47a
Fon.0911/92885-13             D-90429 Nürnberg
nengel@netways.de             www.netways.de

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