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Re: Malformed .desktop files in OpenOffice

Cam Ellison wrote:
> I upgraded to Debian sub-version 3 of OO today, and now cannot
> access any of it.  I get messages (including when I try setup)
> regarding malformed .desktop files (e.g. printeradmin.desktop,
> textdoc.desktop).  Although I have Gnome installed, I do not use it.
> The ~/.gnome/apps/OpenOffice.org 1.0 dir has all the .desktop files,
> with data in them, but the .kde and .kde2 equivalents have empty
> files.  I copied the .gnome files to
> ~/.kde2/share/applnk/OpenOffice.org 1.0, but get the same result.
> Anyone have any ideas?

I posted the same thing to debian-openoffice@lists.debian.org and didn't
get a direct answer yet but I think Chris Halls is working on it. In the meantime I can start OO from an xterm.

My other concern is having to download the whole 61MB just to fix something in the install script.

Paul Scott

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