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Re: documentation of libraries

On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 03:56:17PM +0200, Rohan Nicholls wrote:
> Hello there,
> I have a happily running debian distribution, but am getting very
> confused when trying to install certain software as it claims to be
> lacking all sorts of libraries.

Are these Debian packages or third party software?  If they're Debian
packages, then you should just install them using apt-get or dselect
or aptitude or whatever.  They'll take care of dependencies just like
they're supposed to.

> Is there any documentation about what libraries do what, and where
> things are stored on the file system. For instance I seem to have
> figured out that important binaries go in /bin, and /sbin (system
> stuff).

As previously mentioned, the FHS is definitive source for this.

> But then there are the libraries.  If I am running a program from
> the local section of usr will it know to look in /usr/lib/ for
> shared libraries or will it only look relative to it (../lib/)?

This is all automatic, but 

> I am thrilled to be using debian, but am finding that it is
> difficult to track where things are supposed to go, and where they
> are kept so I can direct an application if it complains.

Which application is complaining?  If it's from Debian and you
installed using apt or dselect or whatever, then that's a bug.  If
it's third party software, then they should tell you exactly which
libraries they want.  Finding the libraries  (if they're installed in
'standardish' places, like /usr/local/lib) should be automatic.


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