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Kernel Panic (OT)

I'm having some problems with my computer, which I believe are hardware-related.  The main indicator is either a kernel panic, or a BSOD (Win32).

My computer was working fine until I moved home (from college).  It even worked fine the first 3 days while at home.

In both cases, it appears to be a one of two problems:

Linux reports it as a problem with kernel paging (sometimes deferencing a null pointer, 00000000h)

Or, it panics that an interrupt problem is the cause.  (For months now, I've seen the occasional "Spurious 8259 interrupt:  IRQ7" message, but paid it no mind as it never gave me a problem.

Windows gives similar errors (paging error, or IRQ_NOT_lesS_OR_EQUAL)

My MB is an ASUS A7M266 (DDR Memory, AMD chipset)

What I've done:

1.)  Pulled out everything but the video card.
2.)  Tried every combination possible using the memory I have in my system.  (Using only one DIMM, in slot 1, slot 2, swap DIMMS, do it again, have both dimms in, changing order.)
3.)  Changed the Video card, repeated (2).

There was no noticible difference in the behavior of any combination of steps 1-3.

So my bet is something with the Motherboard, but I'm hoping to be guided towards some additional info / diagnostic utilities/methods.


Troy Telford               .=.     Kilroy
troyt@myrealbox.com       (o o)   Was Here

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