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Re: Problems with VLAN and 3com card


I prefer 3Com cards personally and have never had that kind of problem.


David Smead

On Mon, 6 May 2002, Michael A. Miller wrote:

> Our network was recently changed to a cicso-based vlan system.  I am not
> a
> network export, so I can't give many details here).  Since the upgrade,
> the
> Debian (stable/testing) machine on my desktop has had intermitent
> problems
> with the network.  Our network admin tells me that there is a known
> problem
> with 3com network cards.  Tthe machine in question is a three year old
> gateway
> pc with a 3c905B card in it (built in, although not on the mother
> board).
> Sometimes I get frequent transmit timed out errors and sometimes I
> don't.
> When I put in a linksys LNE100TX card, I get similar problems.
> Is there anyone out there who has seen such a problem  who can give me a
> hint on where to go with this?  Our linux admins primarilly support
> redhat,
> and, while they haven't suggested it yet, I'm afraid they'll  eventally
> suggest
> that I drop Debian and go that route if I want support.  And I don't
> want to
> do that!
> Mike

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