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exim mail error

Hello, I'm running exim as my mail server
and I'm getting the following error:

Any idea what this error means:
2002-05-06 05:48:22 174f6U-0005xJ-00 <= root@www.cell.dhs.org U=root
P=local S=311
2002-05-06 05:48:22 174f6U-0005xJ-00 ** shinden@sympatico.ca:
unrouteable mail domain "sympatico.ca"
2002-05-06 05:48:22 174f6U-0005xL-00 <= <> R=174f6U-0005xJ-00 U=mail
P=local S=1079
2002-05-06 05:48:22 174f6U-0005xJ-00 Error message sent to
2002-05-06 05:48:22 174f6U-0005xJ-00 Completed

I get that error if I try this command:
echo "this is a test" | mail -s "subject" shinden@sympatico.ca

If I type in the following command though it works properly:
echo "this is a test" | mail -s "subject" root@www

So, I can't mail out past the machine that has exim running
but I'm not sure why...

PS: the command that works might be mailing locally so it's
success might have nothing to do with exim...


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