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SoftwareRaid + Root + Boot with FastTrak100

Hi there
I am a Newbie in RAID and want to set up a Debian-Woody-Server on a TYAN
Thunderbold Dual Prozessor Mainboard w/ 2x PentiumIII and Adaptec
AIc-7896N SCSI Chip onboard (but I do not use it)
PROMISE Fastrak100 IDE-PCI-card w/ 4x 60Gb IBM HDDs.

I first installed the minimal-System on an extra HDD (hda), compiled a
customised Kernel, set up the Raid and moved the System onto the Raid.
So far, it works fine, even booting of the Raid (I have a
RAID1-boot-partition and a RAID5-root-partition) using LILO works.

The only thing I do not get to work is booting without the extra HDD.
If I use the MBR of the extra HDD (hda) for booting the System starts perfect,
I even can change from this MBR (hda) to the MBR on the Raid-Disk (hde)
and boot, but I cannot but using hde direktly.
I turned of the SCSI onboard in the Main-BIOS and define an Array in the
RAID-BIOS, then my BIOS trys to boot of hde, if I set the Main-BIOS to
SCSI boot, but LILO crashes after LI

Did anyone get a System booting direkt of hde with a FastTrak100 so far?
Can anyone tell me how to use grub as Bootloader for RAID? (if it works)

Or does that not work at all without an extra HDD?
Maybe a mix of Software- and ATA-Raid might be a solution. Does anyone
have experience with a FastTrak100 ?

cu klaus

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