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Re: imap - ssl

* Tom Allison (tallison1@twmi.rr.com) [020430 03:24]:
> My biggest problem now is that the imap installation and qmail are 
> having a fight.  I am unable, through mozilla, to delete (move to 
> trash) email or create new folders.  I'm a little hesitant to dive 
> into it much right now since it fried my mozilla installation and I 
> had to do it all over again.
> But first, I really should install something like pine to attempt to 
> isolate the problems/interactions between qmail/imap/mozilla.

you mean mutt ;)

Also, for diagnostics, try ethereal. It makes it very easy to pick out
and follow individual TCP streams, and can even understand and interpret
many of the higher-level protocols. (I'm not sure about IMAP, but I'm
guessing it probably can.)

> I am looking for suggestions on what imap daemon might be best.  I 
> don't need much.  ssl would be very nice, but not required.  My 
> biggest concerns are security (always) and qmail (~/Maildir) 
> compatability.  An alternative to Maildir would be to pipe everything 
> from qmail into procmail as someone suggested.

I can't speak from a code-review perspective, but cyrus has been pretty
nice on a mail server I just set up. I like not creating user accounts
for the mail users; the only user account on that machine is mine, so I
have little fear of someone cracking a bad password on a user account
and stealing a shell.

The disadvantage in your case will be that it works with its own mailbox
format, not existing Maildirs. I'm not sure if that's a "dealbreaker"
requirement for you - when my mail users don't have shell access anyway,
it doesn't really matter that much what the underlying store format is
(so long as it's fairly resistant to corruption; I'm still scared of
mbox =)

good times,

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