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Re: Getting mozilla going...

Lo, on Thursday, May 2, Mike Fontenot did write:

> Actually, the more I look at the advice to patch up
> mozilla so that it can handle java applets, the less
> I understand the advice:
>  "unzip jre.xpi -d $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/plugins 'jre-image-i386/*'
>  ln -s jre-image-i386/plugin/i386/ns600/libjavaplugin_oji.so ."
> I don't have "unzip" on my potato system...just "gunzip", and
> if I do a "gunzip -c jre.xpi >out_file_name", it says that

Different program; it's in either the `unzip' or the `unzip-crypt'
package; take your pick.  (See apt-cache search for more info.)

> Also, I don't understand his link: "ln -s f1 f2" establishes a
> soft link from the new name f2 to the existing ordinary file f1,
> which doesn't make any sense to me with the syntax he gave.

`ln -s foo/bar/baz quux', where quux is a directory (like `.'), is
equivalent to saying `ln -s foo/bar/baz quux/baz'.  Same as with most of
the fileutils, actually.  This is documented on the ln man page,
although it's pretty terse.



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