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Re: Re: Hard Discs and Virtual Memory ...

On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 06:48:47AM +0800, csj wrote:
> Shouldn't he be using the bigger disk for swap? A 1.2 GB drive is likely
> to be slower (older=slower).

I think he's got the right idea.  The drive may be slower, but it
won't be doing anything else, so swap requests won't have to wait
for other reads/writes to complete and other reads/writes won't be
interrupted by the heads getting dragged off to another section of

Until I can get the new disk (a few months) the
old one will perform as the installed disk and
swap.  However, the older one I think can be
dedicated to swap once the new one (I've got my
eye on an 80GB HDD) is installed.  Also, I will
need at least a dual boot computer.  I remember
software came with linux for this, and I want it
so I can play games and do Newsletter work.
Linux also has a tool so I can repartition the old
disk so I don't lose it's current data, as I
understood it, so I can use it for DOS in the near
future.  Anyway, I can always use Interlnk and
Intersvr to backup my data on an even older
computer.  Speaking of which, is there a way to
build a Linux Terminal on a 386 with only 60MB


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