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Re: line width +

I changed the character width on the webmail I use to 72. Let me know if
this is acceptable. Sorry if it was causing problems. Also as I've been
following some of the responses: many winmodems can now be used with
Linux. I don't have the site that supplies that info at my fingertips
but if someone is interested I'll dig for it.

Quoting "Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com>:

> on Mon, Apr 29, 2002, j y (yjon@x-mail.net) wrote:
> > I'm just a novice with Linux-better with hardware, I guess. I put
> togethe> r a Athlon
> > 900Mhz machine and I only run Linux on it. It wouldn't be hard to
> install>  XP, but I'm
> Please set your mailer/editor linewrap to 68-75 characters.  I strongly
> recommend 72 as a good default.
> Thank you.
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