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Re: OpenOffice apt install problem

On Wed, 01 May 2002 14:33:05 -0700
"curtis" <curtis@npc-usa.com> wrote:

>   I posted this on debian-openoffice, but haven't got a response yet. I 
> thought maybe someone here might know the answer:

I haven't attempted to use the Debian Open Office packages yet, but do
infrequently use Open Office from the projects binary release.

> I noticed one person noted that they had to move the .openoffice 
> directory from the /root directory, and then changing ownership to the 
> directory.  However, there is no .openoffice directory under /root on my
> computer, so I don't know.

I wouldn't recommend steps of this nature, even if the directory did
exist.  I'm assuming that the Debian package of OpenOffice did a
centrallized system-wide (non-user centric) installation of Open Office. 
When an installation of this type is done via the packages released by the
Open Office project, Open Office is on the system but not installed for
the individual users.  Each user still needs to do an individual
installation to install the user specific information in their home
directory.  Normally this is done by running the "setup" script as the
intended user from the central install location.  I'm not sure where this
directory would be from the Debian packages, but based on the error
messages provided I would guess the directory to be "/usr/lib/openoffice".

Jamin W. Collins

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